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913 W River St #300
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Troy Owens

AFTER GRADUATING TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY IN 1996, TROY ENTERED REAL ESTATE THROUGH HIS OWN BUSINESS IN RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION. BUT HIS UNDERSTANDING OF REAL ESTATE EXTENDS FAR BEYOND CREATING A STRUCTURE. HE IS A TOP PRODUCER IN THE ADA COUNTY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS, AND A RISING STAR WITHIN THE TREASURE VALLEY. "Having relocated my family three times, I have an intimate understanding of what it means to buy and sell property,” Troy says. “I’m thrilled to be able to take my extensive business, accounting, and relocation experiences, coupled with my work ethic, integrity, and dedication to personal service to assist buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions." When he isn't working with clients, Troy spends time on the golf course or fishing with his wife of 22 years and their 10-year old daughter. "Family makes a home," he says.

Mogie Holm

MOGIE HOLDS A MASTER'S DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY AND HAS BEEN ENGAGED IN THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY FOR 9 YEARS. With a business philosophy built on integrity, dependability, and hard work, Mogie has built a reputation of consistently providing a high level of service to his clients. Having a background in the construction industry, Mogie brings a wealth of knowledge to help clients identify quality craftsmanship in homes. Mogie and his wife love the outdoors and backcountry of Idaho. They are likely to be found water skiing with friends at nearby Lucky Peak or exploring the mountain peaks in Idaho’s remote mountain ranges.

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  • 1516 McCall, McCall, Idaho 83638

    SOLD FOR $4,300,000

    Beds 5 | Baths 5.5 | 5,085 SqFt

  • 702 E Riversedge Ln, Eagle, ID 83616

    SOLD FOR $3,935,000

    Beds 4 | Baths 5 | 7,162 SqFt

  • 7893 N Vue Estates Rd, Meridian, ID 83646

    SOLD FOR $3,220,000

    Beds 7 | Baths 7 | 8,836 SqFt

  • 2313 N Claremont Dr, Boise, ID 83702

    SOLD FOR $2,000,000

    Beds 5 | Baths 3 | 4,781 SqFt

  • 7124 N Spurwing Way, Meridian, ID 83646

    SOLD FOR $2,000,000

    Beds 5 | Baths 5.5 | 8,326 SqFt

  • 1882 B Warren Wagon Rd, McCall, ID 83638

    SOLD FOR $1,900,000

    Beds NA | Baths NA | NA SqFt

  • 267 E Riversedge Dr, Eagle, ID 83616

    SOLD FOR $1,695,000

    Beds 5 | Baths 5.5 | 6,452 SqFt

  • 226 Riversedge Dr, Eagle, ID 83616

    SOLD FOR $1,550,000

    Beds 4 | Baths 4.5 | 4,744 SqFt

  • 2341 E Hyper Dr, Meridian, ID 83642

    SOLD FOR $1,500,000

    Beds 5 | Baths 5.5 | 4,913 SqFt

  • 2904 W Newbury Ct, Eagle, ID 83616

    SOLD FOR $1,473,120

    Beds 4 | Baths 4.5 | 5,180 SqFt

  • 3742 S Stockenham Ave, Meridian, ID 83642

    SOLD FOR $1,375,000

    Beds 5 | Baths 5 | 4,711 SqFt

  • 2985 Round Valley Rd, New Meadows, ID 83654

    SOLD FOR $1,272,000

    Beds 4 | Baths 5 | 3,600 SqFt

  • 2797 E Table Rock Rd, Boise, ID 83712

    SOLD FOR $1,267,500

    Beds 4 | Baths 6 | 5,987 SqFt

  • 2749 S White Castle Ave, Eagle, ID 83616

    SOLD FOR $1,265,000

    Beds 5 | Baths 7.5 | 10,851 SqFt

  • 1827 W Sugarberry St, Eagle, ID 83616

    SOLD FOR $1,250,000

    Beds 4 | Baths 6 | 5,061 SqFt

  • 7905 N Vue Estates Rd, Meridian, ID 83646

    SOLD FOR $1,025,000

    Beds 4 | Baths 4 | 4,495 SqFt

  • 9443 W Golden View Dr, Star, Idaho, 83669

    SOLD FOR $1,000,000

    Beds 4 | Baths 4.5 | 6,222 SqFt

  • 3706 N Sycamore Dr, Boise, ID 83703

    SOLD FOR $950,000

    Beds 4 | Baths 2.5 | 3,364 SqFt

  • 1838 Warren Wagon Rd, Mccall, ID 83638

    SOLD FOR $950,000

    Beds 2 | Baths 1 | 796 SqFt

  • 1771 W Sugar Crest St, Eagle, ID 83616

    SOLD FOR $850,000

    Beds 5 | Baths 4 | 4,540 SqFt

  • 3295 N Croft Way, Eagle, ID 83616

    SOLD FOR $845,000

    Beds 5 | Baths 4.5 | 3,666 SqFt

  • 3146 S Stonington Ave, Eagle, ID 83616

    SOLD FOR $800,000

    Beds 4 | Baths 4 | 5,980 SqFt

Serving The Boise Community

Boise offers some of the nation's most popular playgrounds for outdoor recreation. The city attracts bikers, runners, triathletes, kayakers, serious wake boarders, and extreme motor sports enthusiasts just to name a few. However, Boise is also a booming city, chock-full of high-rises, arts venues, musical halls, museums, and fine dining. It's no wonder people from all over the country are looking to Boise for their dream home destination. Finding Boise homes for sale won't be a challenge, in fact, you're just a few clicks away from discovering dozens of homes that meet your specified criteria!

  • Our purchase and sales experience with Troy was FANTASTIC! Troy is personable, reliable and honest. Upon listing our home he had our home on the front page of the local advertisements and we received a full price offer for our home. The process was quick and very open. When purchasing our new home Troy was extremely reliable and took care of everything. We would highly recommend him, and have referred family/friends to him.

  • Troy is the only agent that I will use for real estate. He did an amazing job of marketing my house, we had an offer in under 30 days. He utilized everything from mailers to social media, professional photography and multiple open houses to market my house. In our search for a new house Troy listened to my needs, he toured houses beforehand to ensure every house would meet my needs. In the end I found my dream home, I would not have found this place without Troy. He will go above and beyond for his clients, give him a call today!

  • He was quick, efficient and well versed in our local area. We had a question about HOA’s and he sought answer for us immediately. The transaction was quick and without issues. Thank you for the knowledge you brought to us and the ease of sale.

  • Troy is honest and thorough. He’s not just trying to sell a house, he truly wants you to find the house that suits you and your family. He stuck with us despite a long and drawn out search for a home. His knowledge helped us get the right price and the right house.

  • Troy has been the best! I can’t imagine using anyone else when we decide to buy our next house or sell our current home. From the moment we started working with Troy, he went above and beyond, and we didn’t make it easy on him. Not a single one of the houses we were interested in was a traditional transaction, from HUD homes to FSBOs, but Troy knew the ins and outs of each unique situation and made it incredibly easy on us. Being first-time homebuyers, we had no shortage of questions, which Troy always answered quickly, honestly, and patiently.

Troy Owens


Mogie Holm


913 W River St #300
Boise, ID 83702

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